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If you don't have downloaded the movie torrent file, follow these steps to If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. I tested many torrent sites and found 10 that still work. Find out which came out on top and how to stay safe while you visit them - And also DOWNLOAD. Overall, YTS is a favorite for movies, but since it doesn't offer any other If you're curious about this VPN, it's easy to test it out risk-free with a day  📱 How do I download torrents on my iPhone? Jun 8, - In case you'd like to download movies free of charge, torrent repositories are a place to look. Here's how to download free movies via torrents.

Having bought a subscription, you can download this or other directories on our website. To download the file, click on the button below.

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This article was written by Jack Lloyd. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 2,, times. Keep in mind that downloading copyright-protected content for which you haven't paid for is internet piracy as well as copyright infringement and can be prosecuted with harsh federal penalties.

Search for a torrent download site on Google. Go to a torrent download site and search for torrent files. Click Download , Get this torrent , Download torrent or something similar.

Wait for the file to finish downloading. Allow the torrent to start seeding automatically. Did this summary help you?

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Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Understand the risks. Downloading copyrighted material is illegal in most countries. You can face fines or jail time. Your internet service provider may also take action against you.

Additionally, many torrent websites and files contain viruses and malware that can damage your computer. Make sure you have a trusted anti-virus program you can use to scan downloaded files. Also be aware that many BitTorrent sites contain sexually explicit ads. Use BitTorrent files and clients at your own risk.

You may need to temporarily disable your antivirus software in order to download uTorrent. The install process is different depending on if you are using a Windows PC or a Mac.

Pay careful attention during the download process. Click Yes when prompted. Click Next twice. Uncheck the checkbox on any additional software install offers.

Select shortcut options and click Next , Click Next again. Click Decline on the recommended programs. Click Finish to finalize the installation. Mac : Open the uTorrent install file. Part 2 of A drop-down menu will appear. Click Preferences. This option is near the top of the drop-down menu. Clicking it opens the Preferences window.

Click the BitTorrent tab. You'll find this on the left side of the Preferences window Windows or at the top of the Preferences window Mac. Click the "Protocol Encryption" drop-down box. This box is near the bottom of the Preferences window. It will have "Disabled" written in it. Clicking it prompts a drop-down menu. On Mac, there is no drop-down menu, instead, look for the "Outgoing Encryption" section at the bottom of the window.

Click Enabled or Forced. Doing so will turn on protocol encryption for anything that you download through uTorrent. Selecting Forced will make your connection more consistently secure, but it may also result in a slower download speed or choppy connection at times.

Click Apply , then click OK. Both options are at the bottom of the window. This will save your changes. You can now proceed with downloading a torrent of your choice and using it with uTorrent to download the torrent's files. On a Mac, the settings are saved automatically, so just click the red circle in the top-left corner of the window instead. Part 3 of Use Google to search "Torrents". Due to legal reasons, many torrent download websites get taken down pretty quickly.

Use Google to search for torrent sites that are available. You'll find many websites that list current torrent sites. Go to an available torrent site. A torrent site lists different torrent files that are available for download. Torrent files don't contain the actual file you want to download. Instead, they contain data about the file. Be aware that many torrent sites contain pornographic and sexually explicit ads. They may also contain links to malware and viruses.

The Pirate Bay is the most commonly used torrent site. Search for a file you want to download. Use the website search function to search for a file you want to download. You can download movies, music, TV shows, or install files for games and apps.

Download the torrent file. Click the button that says Download , Get this torrent , Download torrent or something similar to download the file. Since torrent files are little more than links to files that are stored online, the torrent file itself shouldn't take more than a few seconds to download. Before downloading a torrent, check the comments and the number of seeds available for the torrent file. The number of seeds tells you how many people have the file available for download.

The more seeds, the quicker the download will take. Also, check the comments to make sure the file doesn't contain any malware and is a good quality file. You can review the torrent's download information here, including which of the files you want to download and which folder e.

Click OK or Add. It's at the bottom of the options window. This adds the torrent file to your list of downloads. Downloads will be prioritized in the order they were added.

Wait for your torrent's files to begin downloading. Once you see "Downloading 0. It may take a few minutes for the torrent to get up to full download speed. The download may take a while to finish depending on the number of seeds, your connection speed, the connection speed of the seeders, and how many downloads you have going at once. Let the torrent seed after it finishes downloading.

Torrents will seed automatically after the files have downloaded. Seeds allow you to download files through uTorrent. It's considered common courtesy to seed for at least as long as you downloaded in order to give back to the community.

To stop a file from seeding, right-click the file and click Remove on uTorrent Classic.

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To create this article, people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 8,, times. Learn more There are many ways to download movies, music, books, and software for free. Torrent streams are arguably the most popular way to do it. Read this wikiHow to learn how to download torrents. Find a torrent tracker website. Search for your desired file. Download the file. Download the magnet link, if available. Install a torrent client.

Open the torrent file. Set the download location. Monitor the download. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Co-authored by contributors Community of editors, researchers, and specialists June 15, Part 1 of There are a variety of websites that list torrents.

Some are more reliable than others. There are two main types of torrent trackers: public trackers and private trackers. Public trackers are available to anyone. These are the sites you will find when doing a web search for torrent trackers. Because of their public nature, many torrents are tracked by copyright holders, and downloading them can result in action from your internet service provider.

Private trackers require invites. These sites are not accessible until you have been invited by another member. They often have requirements, such as sharing an equal amount of what you download. Private trackers are much less likely to result in cease and desist letters from copyright holders. Most public trackers have every new show, movie, album, and game available, as well as popular old files.

Use popular shorthand for finding the file you want. Download a well-populated torrent. The speed at which you can download a torrent file is determined by the number of seeders available.

A seeder is a torrent user that has the entire file available for downloading. Most torrent sites allow you to sort search results by the number of seeders. Look for files with a large number of seeders. Not only will you download it faster, but it is less likely that the file is fake or infected with a virus. The number of leechers will affect your download speed as well.

A leecher is a user that is downloading, but is not currently seeding. A leecher becomes a seeder when the full file has been downloaded. If there are significantly more leechers than seeders, the amount of bandwidth you receive will be lower, resulting in slower downloads.

Choose a torrent with a good size versus quality. This is especially important for video files. Because compression can affect quality, smaller files will often look and sound significantly poorer than the same video with a larger size. On the flipside, downloading a larger file can take significantly longer depending on your connection.

Read as many comments as possible to determine if other users feel that the quality of the file is good and worth your time. Some trackers have a rating system which allows users to vote on if the file is good or not. Download a magnet link if available. These files are slightly different than a standard torrent file.

They match content based on a unique identifier that can then be accessed without the use of central trackers. Make sure that you can run the content. Torrents can be used to transfer any file type. Because of this, the file you download may be one that you are not familiar with. VLC Player is a free, open-source media player that can play virtually any media file that you download. ISO files are disc images, and either need to be burned or mounted in a virtual drive in order to run them.

Beware of viruses. Because torrents often exist in a legal gray area, there is no oversight as to the kinds of files that are made available. This means that hackers will embed viruses in torrents that they hope to spread to other users. These are often included in popular searches in order to get the most victims possible. Scan every file that you download for viruses. Try to download files that have been released by trusted sources in the community. Always check comments and ratings to see if anyone else experienced virus attacks with the torrent.

Part 2 of The BitTorrent protocol lets you exchange or distribute data over the Internet. There's no central server involved; data is downloaded from other users seeders. You need a client application that will connect to the host and manage the download. There are multiple clients available for free online. The torrent file that you download from the tracker site is very small, usually only a few KB in size.

This file does not contain the content that you are downloading. The file acts as a guide for downloading pieces of the file from other clients. Use the BitTorrent client you installed in the previous step to open the file. Your torrent client should be configured to automatically open torrent files.

If yours is not, you can drag the torrent file into the client window to add it to the download queue. Depending on how your torrent client is configured, you may be asked where you want to download the content to when you open the torrent file. Select a location that you can remember. You can check the progress of your download in the torrent client. Most clients will allow you to see how many seeders you are connected to as well. Torrent clients will automatically try to download at the fastest speed allowed by your connection.

Downloading multiple files at once will slow the overall speed of each file. From here you can limit the download speed and upload speed. This is useful if you want to stream a movie while the file is downloading. Add more trackers to the torrent. If you are having difficulty connecting to enough seeders to download the file, you can try adding more trackers to the torrent.

Do not attempt this if you are using a private tracker, as you may get banned. Find a list of active trackers online. There are several websites that list active trackers. Copy the list of trackers to your clipboard. Right-click on the torrent in the client. Select Properties from the menu.

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Download movies, TV Series, TV Shows EZTV torrent magnet in p, p and 3D quality at EZTV new download and browse more movies, TV Series than ever. If you use Google Chrome, then go to the Web Store and add Hola to the extensions. And then after adding it, click on the Hola icon, which'll appear on the bar. And start browsing from Hola but be sure to change the country from India to some othe. To download the torrent file, click on ‘Get This Torrent.’ If the link doesn’t work, you can right-click on it and open it in a new tab. The movie torrent file will now download to your device. You can double-click on the torrent file to open it in uTorrent;.