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ANATOMIC THERAPY (HEALING BY HEARING) HEALER BASKAR o r g a n d download this book free in Tamil, Telugu, • Those who cannot come in person. Nov 9, - Welcome to Anatomic therapy Apps. This Apps has created by Healer Baskar only to do service the people. This Apps contains Body, mind. English Video & Books Free Download In the motivation to reach in all languages, Healer Baskar spoked in English. To know fully about anatomic therapy.

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Faster previews. Personalized experience. Get started with a FREE account. One Two Three Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points.

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This post summarizes Anatomic Therapy principles. Its the brain child of Healer Baskar. Anatomic Therapy Official Website. Anatomic therapy concentrates on physical health, mental and spiritual health. The most important points to remember why this technique will succeed is: Our body knows how to take care of itself. As a child, when we knew nothing about the way body works, still things functioned perfectly fine.

Blood supplies all essential nutrients to cells. So the only reasons for problem is - less blood in the body, nutrients deficiency in blood, nutrients absence in blood or loss of intelligence by the blood cells. Except the final condition which happens only after say years , all other conditions are curable and hence every disease is curable.

The following article may give a concise summary to evoke reader's interest towards health, but you should follow anatomic therapy principles only after hearing the videos of Healer Baskar and fully understanding all aspects.

Lets talk of the 2 most important aspects of good health Physical health Mental health Anatomic Therapy: Physical Health Prerequisite: Strong mind that we can cure any problems through this way is an essential prerequisite. Without a positive mind, there can be no cures. Emotions have a big role that affect each and every system in the body. Awareness is important. How to have a positive mind even in challenging situations? Answer in brief Explained in detail in Mental Health section : Always understand that thoughts are like a river.

Thoughts like water keeps flowing. It is up to us whether we focus on good things or bad things. What we focus on will get registered in our mind. If you are looking at the water flowing in the river, you can OPT to focus on the pleasant sound, nature's beauty, and the vastness of energy. OR You can focus on non positive things like - River may appear dirty etc. Understand such thoughts do come, but we can let go that negative thought after 5 seconds.

There may be too many people at the river bed that may be irritating. Let go of that NON positive thought after 5 seconds. This takes a month or two to practice. After that, we can easily categorize our thoughts both positive and negative.

They will keep coming. Secret of happiness is, We should hold on to the positive thoughts and let go off the negative thoughts. For anatomic therapy, understanding this point is very essential. That should always be the thought to hold on. How do I become healthy?

How can I make my digestion healthy? How can I make my eye healthy? How can I make my condition healthy? DO NOT think of diseases which by definition is negative. Do not keep telling yourself you have diabetes, blood pressure etc. How do I ensure blood pressure is normal? Our body knows how to take care of itself. Anatomic therapy heavily burrows from traditional Ayurvedic practices.

A positive mind AND balance in the 5 elements of nature is anatomic therapy. The only control we have is to ensure that we eat good food, variety of food to supply all nutrients and eat in a way that our digestive systems work well. The more you follow the healthier you are. RULE 1 Eat only when hungry Always eat something when hungry and do not eat if you are not hungry, wait till you get hungry.

RULE 2 Chew your food, close your mouth and taste the food well. Even if you do not follow any other rule, this powerful rule will help you avoid diabetes in your life. Reason for this that Saliva mixes well with food, it digests the food into the right Sucrose molecules that can be digested by your body and insulin will get produced at an optimum level. There are several such varieties. Note Sona masoori etc are not organic rice.

RULE 5 Do not drink water half an hour before food and one hour after food. Focus only on eating food. Sit cross legged on a mat. This helps in sending maximum blood circulation to Stomach and Abdomen. The second element is Water Drink natural water i. If we fear that Borewell water contains too much salt content, then atleast drink coconut water etc to supply essential nutrients needed by our body from water.

This is wrong. Understand pure H20 is of limited use for health, rather its the minerals and nutrients present in the water that makes it very useful. The reason why labourers will be much more healthier than the diet conscious Upper middle class is simply because they do not just drink PURE H20 but they drink water with minerals and nutrients.

If you start drinking Corporation water directly, there may be cases that you get lose motion for a day or two. Dont think that this is unhealthy, rather all the waste accumulated in your body is coming out and making you healthier. This is also the reason why you get a lose motion when you go to a new place and drink water there.

The much needed nutrients that you got from the new water is eliminating toxins that your body was holding for a long time. The third element is Air The most important criteria is live in an environment where there is circulation of air.

Lot of problems come if we sleep with all windows closed or by having mosquito coils, etc in poorly ventilated environments. Think of air circulation both at office and home. Open both the left and right car window so that there is enough circulation of air. Breathing fresh air is a solution for a lot of kidney ailments.

The fourth element is Sleep Sleep when the body needs it. There are two phases in sleep. Phase One - the mental thoughts get organized. In this phase, lot of thoughts come to us and will last an hour or two. If the mind is racing with worries, calm it down.

Simple, categorize things as positive and negative thought, try holding on only to positive thoughts. Once they get organized, then only we enter the second phase which is physical sleep. Do not worry if we are just rolling back and forth and thoughts are coming. Unless mental cells are organized, we will not get sound sleep. Another point is do not compare number of hours of physical sleep 2nd phase. Its proportional to the physical work body has put in that day.

The more physical work during the day, the more sound physical sleep you are likely to experience. The fifth element is Physical Activity Unlike blood, which is pumped by heart, there is a lymphatic system in our body that gets energy through kinetic energy driven by physical activity.

That is the reason that moderate exercises actually energizes you. Its also responsible for immunity in the body. The main point here is you do not need to be 24 hours active. At the minimum think of exercising your joints in the body. This can be done by walking, Yoga, running, getting involved in household chores etc. Doing this for 20 minutes a day is sufficient to energize you for the whole day. Once these inputs are understood, Anatomic therapy suggests that you find out which element food, water, air, sleep or activity that you are lacking in.

This is not black magic, but simple science. The internal process is Input is good - say we have taken right food, water, air, sleep and activity AND our mind is trained to be positive under difficult circumstances also. It typically takes 3 months for all blood cells in the body to be replaced with new and healthy blood cells. The body will automatically understand which parts of the body needs repair. It may be aching knees, weak heart, diabetes, etc.

The body knows this. With the good and healthy blood cells it supplies the essential nutrients to the organs and tissues and the new cells that are produced will no more be defective.

The whole body automatically becomes healthy. You are having a great health, but typically need more details with maintaining balance in your mental health i. Here we go! Anatomic Therapy : Mental Health This is a far bigger subject and more complicated than physical health. But once we understand basics, its also simple and easy. Mind is divided into 2 parts.

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Healer Baskar: Each one is right from their own perspective. Just because you are right ADDRESS ANATOMIC THERAPY FOUNDATION No x North Housing Unit, Perur Main Road. Selvapuram, Coimbatore - Tamilnadu - India. Jan 01,  · - Buy Anatomic Therapy - அனாடமிக் தெரபி book online at best prices in india on Read Anatomic Therapy - அனாடமிக் தெரபி book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified dyed.altastreaming.onlines: Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar Page 1 ANATOMIC THERAPY (TREATMENT THROUGH THE EARS) BY HEALER BASKAR. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar THREE DAYS FREE NATURE CURE CAMP ONE DAY NATURE CURE CAMP File Size: 2MB.